Enhance Efficiency In Your Analytics Team with Qlik AutoML

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One of the primary goals for most companies these days is to improve efficiency to be more competitive. With business intelligence and active intelligence software like Qlik, companies can access analysis and insights that can drive success. One of the biggest challenges faced by analytics teams is the manual process of creating predictive models. Typically, this task requires a significant amount of time and resources from data scientists and analysts. With Qlik’s new feature, Qlik AutoML, this process can now be automated, allowing teams to focus on the more important tasks at hand.

So, what exactly is Qlik AutoML? And how does it enhance efficiency in your analytics team? Read on to find out!


What is Qlik AutoML?


Qlik AutoML identifies key drivers in your historical data and generates machine learning models using algorithms. This software is code-free, meaning it does not require coding skills, allowing users of all levels to leverage its capabilities.

With Qlik AutoML, organisations can quickly and easily create predictive models without relying on data scientists or analysts. This enables teams to shift their focus from manual tasks to more strategic initiatives, such as identifying trends and patterns in the data and making faster and better-informed decisions.

Your analytics team simply selects a target field in your data set and lets Qlik AutoML do all the work. 


It can do the following for you:


  • Evaluate and rank machine learning models to identify the top performers.
  • Assess the importance of features to effectively communicate critical business drivers.
  • Provide users with seamless model tuning and refinement capabilities.
  • Deploy models to make accurate predictions using comprehensive data.
  • Publish predictive data and integrate models with Qlik Sense for in-depth exploration and what-if scenarios.


How Does Qlik AutoML Enhance Your Team’s Efficiency?


AutoML enhances your team’s efficiency in a variety of ways; not only does it provide predictive models without the use of data scientists, but it also: 


  • Integrates with Qlik Sense, meaning that the prediction models made can be displayed visually for easier understanding and decision-making.
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need to hire data scientists, saving you both time and money.
  • Simplifies machine learning algorithms, making them accessible for all levels of users regardless of coding skills.
  • Answers the why behind the predictions as AutoML takes care of the machine learning while Qlik’s AI engine and Insight Advisor take the results from existing data and produce them on usable dashboards.


Boost Your Team’s Efficiency Now!


With Qlik AutoML on your analytics team side, you’ll quickly notice a big difference in how fast your team can produce results.

Don’t let a lack of resources or technical expertise keep your analytics team from achieving their full potential.

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