Why You May Consider Using QlikSense Instead of Qlikview

QlikView 11 ended in March of 2018 and users are presented with the option of upgrading to Qlikview 12. With this choice brought to the surface, it may be time to ask yourself if your needs are best served by QlikView or if your needs would be better met by QlikSense. This article will help you find the answer.Unknown Object

Understanding the Differences between QlikView and QlikSense

In a nutshell, QlikView is made to deal with guided analytics. It includes features which are widely enjoyed and used like self-service and custom analytics applications, and even reporting. Though the fact remains, QlikView has a central focus on interactive, guided analytics apps. Those who are more skilled at working with analytics programs generally find QlikView best to achieve their goals.

QlikSense, however, is better suited to those who may not have access or interact with specialists who can make use of QlikView as an analytics app the way it is intended. QlikSense’s ability to visualise data on the screen is user-friendly to the point where anyone who needs to work with and interpret data can successfully make use of it with limited experience. QlikSense gives the user access to visualisations of increasingly complex data so that it can be applied to the relevant reasoning and shared with the relevant parties.

They are both aimed at helping you retrieve and analyse relevant data but QlikView is a more technical and intricate way of doing so.

Using QlikSense

QlikSense now allows users to create their own content and edit business user templates to suit their needs. The responsive design and centrally managed Master Items mean QlikSense has provided a user-friendly way to analyse, use and share data.

The Master Items allow users to create, save and reuse dimensions they often require. This way you can choose the most relevant and important objects and actions from QlikView to use on your QlikSense journey.

Qlik has taken on moving into the future. They wish to create strong interoperability between QlikView and QlikSense. For more information visit our blog page or contact us to start your data journey with QlikSense South Africa today.


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